My Capital on Tap Review

Last Updated: 1st August 2022

As you can see from the email screenshot below, I opened my account with Capital on Tap on the 9th of July 2018:

Capital on Tap email snapshot

I run a smallish business in the UK. Actually I'm semi-retired, so my turnover is in the tens of thousands each year, rather than the hundreds of thousands that I might need if I was growing the business.

Not a Penny in Interest for me! (or Capital on Tap)

In a normal month, I spend somewhere between £500 and £1,500 on various aspects of the business. Since I opened this account, I have used it for all regular subscriptions and also for larger one-off purchases. As I have it set to take the full balance from my business current account every month, I have literally never paid a penny in interest. So, Capital of Tap has effectively given me the use of their facility for free!

Obviously, if you run your account differently to how I have run mine, your experience would be different. If you don't pay the balance off each month, I assume you would be charged interest on the outstanding amount.

Business or Personal Card?

Before this, I used to pay with my own personal credit card, but I much prefer having a company card to keep business and personal expenses separate. I think it looks a bit better to have a card with my company name on too.

1% Cashback - thank you very much!

Sometime in the last year or so, they actually added a feature (for free) that gets you 1% cashback on anything that you pay for on the card! I have just checked and I've got more than 61,000 points to redeem. That's over £612!

Capital On Tap points screenshot

What can I say? In my opinion, Capital on Tap is the best business credit card account I could have possibly had!

I don't know much about the competition, but how could they have possibly improved on my experience over the last four years?

I have never had to contact them for anything to do with my card, so I can't comment on their customer service. I'd hope that it would be good great!

Simple to cash in Points too!

I had never done this before, but requesting cash to my bank account from the points balance was simplicity itself! I think it took about half an hour from when I clicked the button, to this arriving in my bank account:

Capital On Tap points withdrawn screenshot

Refer a Friend Promo Code

One last thing. Once you have opened an account, they let you refer friends or contacts to open an account - and they can get £75 free credit in their account when they do so. So, after reading my Capital On Tap review - if you feel like applying for an account yourself then please use the promo code that they gave me, and you will also get £75 in your new account. Full details here.

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