My Capital on Tap Review

Last Updated: 1st April 2024

As you can see from the email screenshot below, I opened my account with Capital on Tap on the 9th of July 2018:

Capital on Tap email snapshot

I run a smallish business in the UK. Actually I'm semi-retired, so my turnover is in the tens of thousands each year, rather than the hundreds of thousands that I might need if I was growing the business.

Not a Penny in Interest for me! (or Capital on Tap)

In a normal month, I spend somewhere between £500 and £1,500 on various aspects of the business. Since I opened this account, I have used it for all regular subscriptions and also for larger one-off purchases. As I have it set to take the full balance from my business current account every month, I have literally never paid a penny in interest. So, Capital of Tap has effectively given me the use of their facility for free!

Obviously, if you run your account differently to how I have run mine, your experience would be different. If you don't pay the balance off each month, I assume you would be charged interest on the outstanding amount.

Business or Personal Card?

Before this, I used to pay with my own personal credit card, but I much prefer having a company card to keep business and personal expenses separate. I think it looks a bit better to have a card with my company name on too.

1% Cashback - thank you very much!

Sometime in the last year or so, they actually added a feature (for free) that gets you 1% cashback on anything that you pay for on the card! I have just checked and I've got more than 61,000 points to redeem. That's over £612!

Capital On Tap points screenshot

What can I say? In my opinion, Capital on Tap is the best business credit card account I could have possibly had!

I don't know much about the competition, but how could they have possibly improved on my experience over the last four years?

Capital On Tap Customer Service

In the first four years that I had my Capital on Tap account, I never had any need to contact their customer services - so I couldn't say how good they were (or otherwise).

However - in September 2022 - Facebook let hackers log in to my FB account and change the passwords etc - so that I couldn't access the account.  They (the hackers) then ran some advertising, which was charged to my Capital On Tap credit card.  I have no idea what adverts were run, as I have never seen them.

In one day, my credit card was charged £450.  Facebook wouldn't do anything - they're a law unto themselves - so I had to get in touch with Capital On Tap's customer services.  Within a couple of days, they had replaced the card and refunded the £450 transactions.

If it had been down to Facebook I would have been seriously out of pocket, but Capital On Tap saved the day!

Simple to cash in Points too!

I had never done this before, but requesting cash to my bank account from the points balance was simplicity itself! I think it took about half an hour from when I clicked the button, to this arriving in my bank account:

Capital On Tap points withdrawn screenshot

Refer a Friend Promo Code

One last thing. Once you have opened an account, they let you refer friends or contacts to open an account - and they can get £75 free credit in their account when they do so. So, after reading my Capital On Tap review - if you feel like applying for an account yourself then please use the promo code that they gave me, and you will also get £75 in your new account. Full details here.

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